# Risks

# Are There Risks To Submitting My Work To MUSE0?

As with any technology, blockchain or otherwise, there are going to be technical risks associated with submitting NFTs to the DAO or storing and displaying NFTs through the museum. The transactions could be unsecured or the NFTs could become lost.

By submitting an NFT to MUSE0, you are agreeing that any loss of value, loss of data, or any other adverse effects to your NFTs are not the responsibility of MUSE0, and that you indemnify MUSE0, each of its members, and its Service Provider against all loss, damage, or claims related to the NFTs or MUSE0's operations. MUSE0, each of its members, and its Service Provider assume no responsibility or liability for any reason for the donated works.

# What If I Do Not Like Or Am Offended By A Work?

Much like a physical museum, MUSE0 is a curated experience featuring artistic, cool, compelling, or interesting works on the cutting-edge intersection between art and technology. We merely ask that you keep an open-mind in browsing MUSE0's collection of donated works.

Last updated: 6/8/2021, 8:15:59 PM