# Joining

# How Do You Join MUSE0?

At this time, the primary way to join MUSE0 is to donate a work to the DAO. Other members of MUSE0 will include members of Flamingo DAO (opens new window) and the technical partner behind MUSE0, OpenLaw. They built the initial Dapp and the underlying smart contract framework for MUSE0.

# How Do You Make A Donation?

The donation process is simple.

STEP 1: Connect your wallet to MUSE0's site, click "Donate," and fill out the simple form. It's going to ask you to select the NFT you want to donate and to provide a description of the work. It will also ask you for an email address (so members of MUSE0 can contact you), which is completely optional. NOTE: you do not need to transfer your NFT when filling out this form.

STEP 2: MUSE0 members can sponsor the submission and vote on whether to accept your work into the DAO's permanent collection. If your submission is sponsored by a member and receives more "yes" votes than "no" votes during a 3 day voting period, the work will be eligible to be accepted into MUSE0. For more information about the curation process, click here.

STEP 3: If you provided an email address, you'll be notified via email if your work has been approved for donation. If so, we'll send you a link to transfer your NFT to MUSE0 and to claim MUSE0 governance tokens, as described further below. If you did not provide an email address, you should periodically check the status of your donation on the "curate" page. If your submission is accepted, only you can process the NFT transfer.

# What Happens Once Your Work Is Accepted Into MUSE0?

First, congratulations! To join as a member, all you need to do is send over your NFT to the DAO with a couple of clicks. Once done, you'll receive back an allocation of MUSE0 governance tokens, and then you can begin to participate in the curatorial process going forward.

If you have any questions about transferring your NFT, please send a note to members@muse0.xyz.

# Are The Amount Of Tokens Given For An NFT Donated The Same Across The Board?

Any person or entity that donates a work to MUSE0 that is accepted by the DAO will be able to claim 10,000 MUSE0 governance tokens. Members may decide to decrease (or increase) the number of MUSE0 governance tokens available for artists or collectors that donate works at a later point in time. It's entirely up to the MUSE0 members.

# Can You Remove Your NFT From MUSE0?

Once your NFT is submitted and accepted, it becomes a part of MUSE0's permanent collection. The members of MUSE0 may be able to remove an NFT from MUSE0 through a governance vote (but that would be a bit weird).

# Can You Withdraw An NFT That Has Been Submitted?

Not at this time. Once your work is submitted, it will be up for consideration by the MUSE0 membership.

# Does MUSE0 Have Any Preference For Types Of Works To Be Added To The Permanent Collection?

Preferences are entirely up to the members of MUSE0. There is no limitation on the type of NFTs an individual can submit (digital art, collectibles, etc.). However, MUSE0 aims to be a permanent collection which represents artists and creators of diverse backgrounds, thoughts, aspirations, and more. The more unique the voices are, the better!

# Can You Donate More Than One Work To MUSE0?

Yes, you can donate more than one work to MUSE0.

# Can You Donate More Than One Work By An Artist That MUSE0 Already Owns?

Yes. It's entirely up to MUSE0 members if the permanent collection should have more than one work from a particular artist. There is nothing stopping an artist or collector from donating a work by that same artist.

# If Your Work Isn't Accepted Will It Be Publicly Displayed?

If your work is not accepted into MUSE0, the decision will not be publicly available. The only individuals that will be able to review the submission are existing members of MUSE0.

# Do I Need To Have Ownership Rights In Or Control Over The Work(s) Submitted To MUSE0?


By donating a work to MUSE0, you are granting to MUSE0 a nonexclusive, nontransferable, and perpetual license to digitally or publicly display your NFT (the "work"), distribute copies of it in any medium, and use it for promoting or operating MUSE0—not for the purpose of profit.

You represent and warrant that by donating your NFT that:

  • you are the sole owner of all right, title, and interest in the work;
  • you have the right to grant permission for use of the work as specified;
  • the work is original, not public domain, and not obscene;
  • you have not transferred, exclusively licensed, or encumbered the work or agreed to do so; you are not aware of any violation, misappropriation, or infringement of any third party's rights;
  • you are not aware of any third-party licenses, consents, or assignments that are necessary to perform under these terms; and
  • you are not acting within the scope of employment of a third party when creating, conceiving, or otherwise performing any activity with respect to the work licensed to MUSE0.

You are also representing and warranting that the work is free and clear of any other liens, encumbrances, claims, or other restrictions or interests, other than those created by donating an NFT to MUSE0 or by becoming a MUSE0 member.

# Who Owns The Work(s) That Are Donated To MUSE0?

You do! You remain the copyright owner of any creative work tied to the NFT. MUSE0 does not claim ownership rights to the work, or any sequel or series, derivative, compilation, or related work owned or used by you. And, the DAO doesn't receive any interest in the work other than the right to use it in conjunction with MUSE0.

You will own and retain all rights in and to any media tied to an NFT, including all common law and federal copyrights that have been or may be granted by any applicable government institution or governing body. The DAO does not claim any right, title, or interest to any creative work tied to the NFT, other than those rights which are necessary or required to operate and/or promote MUSE0.

# My Work Was Accepted By Members But I Haven't Received Evidence of My Membership (i.e., Governance Tokens), Why?

Don't worry. The reason you haven't yet is because you haven't yet transferred over the NFT to MUSE0's permanent collection. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to the MUSE0 site.
  • Login with your wallet.
  • Find your work on the "Curate" tab.
  • Click the "Transfer NFT" button to move the NFT into MUSE0's permanent collection.

That's it! If you have any questions on this process or are curious about how this will work, feel free to reach out via Discord (opens new window).

# If My Work Isn't Accepted Will I Be Informed Why That Is The Case?

You can check the MUSE0 site to see whether your work is accepted, and members of MUSE0 will do their best to inform you if your work has been accepted; it's all smart contract-based and not currently tied to an email service.

As to why a work isn't accepted into MUSE0, that is a tougher question because acceptance occurs via voting through the Dapp. As such, it is nearly impossible to know every voting member's reasoning or thought process behind their vote.

# If My Work Isn't Accepted Will It Be Returned To Me?

Fortunately, the NFT you attempted to donate to MUSE0 never left your wallet. You only transfer the NFT after it's been approved by MUSE0 members. Phew! You didn't lose your NFT.

# If My Work Isn't Accepted Am I Able To Submit Another Donation For Approval?

Yes, absolutely!

# Is There A Limit To The Number Of Donations That I Can Make?

There are no limits on the number of donations that an individual artist or collector can make, but it may factor into the members' voting decisions. Be reasonable.

# Can I Donate From More Than One Wallet?

Yes! If you want to donate to MUSE0 from multiple wallets, there's nothing prohibiting you from doing so. That being said, we're trying to build something meaningful that brings together many artists, collectors, and new voices. If you try to "game" MUSE0, you run the risk of being kicked out and no longer serving as a member.

# If My Donation Is Accepted Will I Be Able To Claim It Back Again In The Future?

MUSE0 is aiming to build a permanent collection, as a smart contract-based vault. We're serious about that. If a work is donated, you should assume that it will stay in the permanent collection (unless the members vote to change this in the future).

Last updated: 8/9/2021, 3:40:30 PM