# Curation Process

# How Does Curation Work If You Are A Member?

Once your NFT has been submitted and accepted into the MUSE0 permanent collection, you can redeem MUSE0 governance tokens. These tokens will give you the ability to curate future works for entry into MUSE0's permanent collection.

Works will be eligible to be submitted if there is "rough consensus," meaning if there are more "yes" votes than "no" votes during the three-day voting period. We expect that much of the curation and conversations around curation will take place in Discord (opens new window). However, the vote itself will be facilitated through the MUSE0 Dapp.

# Are There Any Guidelines Or Requirements When Voting On Submitted Works?

No. What gets selected for MUSE0 is for the benefit of the community and the metaverse. Members should vote for what they believe should be in the collection based on their personal aesthetics, trends with NFTs and/or traditional artwork, and what they believe best showcases the medium, metaverse, and universe of NFTs. That being said, one of the goals of MUSE0 is to provide a voice and a platform to artists that have been overlooked, ignored, or are underrepresented.

# How Do Members Vote To Accept Or Refuse A Donation?

MUSE0 members decide whether to accept or refuse a donation by voting through the MUSE0 Dapp; members can access the Dapp through the MUSE0 site.

# What Happens If Fewer People Vote To Accept A Work Than More People?

If submission receives more "no" votes than "yes" votes during a given voting period, the work will not be eligible to be accepted into the permanent collection. The member submitting the NFT can resubmit another work, though, if they so choose.

# What Is The Timeline For Voting?

The timeline for voting on whether a specific NFT should enter the collection is three (3) days, with a one (1) day grace period until the new member receives their MUSE0 governance tokens.

Last updated: 8/9/2021, 3:40:30 PM