# Leaving MUSE0

# When Can A Member Quit?

A member can leave MUSE0 at any time. To do so, you simply have to transfer your interests to another member. That may change over time, but it's up to the members.

# Do You Get Anything If You Exit And Leave MUSE0?

As noted above, in order to leave MUSE0, unless agreed to by the members, you can simply transfer all of your tokens to another member. If you leave MUSE0, you will no longer have the ability to curate any future works for entry into its permanent collection.

# What Happens To A Donated Work(s) If You Were To Leave MUSE0?

If a member leaves MUSE0, their donated work will remain in the MUSE0 permanent collection. At this time, the member may not redeem the work they donated once it is accepted into MUSE0's permanent collection.

Last updated: 6/9/2021, 4:36:18 AM