# Governance

# How Is MUSE0 Structured?

MUSE0 is an unincorporated nonprofit association organized in Nevada. It is governed by Guiding Principles that each member agrees to when joining MUSE0 and/or interacting with the MUSE0 community through its Discord (opens new window) and Dapp (opens new window).

# Is MUSE0 A Not-For-Profit?

Yes. MUSE0 is expressly not-for-profit. It will not attempt to make a profit and is barred from making any distribution or paying any dividends, as per its Guiding Principles.

# Can You Make Money Or Share In Profits With MUSE0?

Nope. MUSE0 is not your typical DAO. MUSE0 does not intend to make a profit and—per its mission and Guiding Principles—does not intend to sell any NFTs that it collects. The purpose of MUSE0 is to create a permanent collection of NFTs that are curated and maintained by its members.

MUSE0 governance rights do not grant any ownership in MUSE0 or the underlying NFTs and do not grant any rights to any profits or losses related to any donated NFTs.

# Will MUSE0 Have Any Managers?

MUSE0 is entirely member-managed. It will not have any managers.

# Do Members Owe Each Other Fiduciary Duties?

As set forth in the Guiding Principles, members of MUSE0 do not owe one another fiduciary duties, except for an implied duty of good faith and fair dealing. In other words, please be nice.

# How Does Governance For MUSE0 Work?

All decisions related to MUSE0 are determined by the DAO's curators and members, and all decision-making related to MUSE0 currently occurs through its Dapp using a governance token. Each holder of a governance token is able to weigh in on curation decisions and governance decisions. Governance rights are based on the number of MUSE0 governance tokens claimed at any given point in time.

For example, if a member holds 10,000 MUSE0 governance tokens and a total of one million MUSE0 tokens have been claimed, that member would have 1% of the voting weight. If say, over time, two million MUSE0 tokens have been claimed, that same member's voting weight would be reduced to 0.5%.

# How Many Governance Tokens Will Be Available For MUSE0?

Unless modified by members, MUSE0 only will have 21,000,000 governance tokens available to be claimed. Members of Flamingo DAO (opens new window), as the party that incubated this project, will each receive 10,000 MUSE0 tokens. Members of MUSE0's technical team, OpenLaw, will also receive 10,000 MUSE0 tokens each.

# Are The Governance Tokens Transferable?

Unless otherwise agreed to by members, all MUSE0 tokens are non-transferable, except to other members of MUSE0.

# How Do MUSE0 Members Communicate?

MUSE0 members will be able to access a special Discord (opens new window) server for the DAO. There may be other social media channels set up to facilitate coordination.

# How Do MUSE0 Members Change The Operations Of MUSE0?

Members of the DAO are fully in charge of MUSE0. That means they can change any of the operations or governance of MUSE0 by submitting a governance proposal. MUSE0 is entirely member-directed and member-managed. If MUSE0 members want to make changes or improvements, or add in new functionalities or tooling, they have the ability to do so through the Dapp and the underlying smart contracts, as outlined in the Guiding Principles.

# Can MUSE0 Enter Into Contracts And Acquire Property?

Yes! As an unincorporated nonprofit association it can enter into contracts and acquire property (both intellectual property and physical property).

# Can MUSE0 Change Its Governance Principles?

Of course! Those changes can be implemented by a majority vote of members. In other words, the Guiding Principles allow a change if 50% or more of MUSE0 tokens holders vote to approve it. It's a higher bar than other governance votes, which should help ensure that major decisions in the governance of MUSE0 are accepted by most members.

# Does MUSE0 Have A Limit To The Number Of Members?

No. MUSE0 does have a limit on the number of available, claimable tokens, which would naturally limit the ultimate number of members. However, because MUSE0 is expressly not-for-profit, it also does not set a limit on the actual number of members.

# Can You Remove A Member From MUSE0? If Yes, What Happens?

Members of MUSE0 will have the right to remove members. In colorful blockchain parlance, a member can be "ragekicked." Note, any work donated by the ragekicked member will still remain in the MUSE0 permanent collection, unless otherwise agreed to by the members.

# What Happens To The MUSE0 Tokens Of A Member Who Is Ragekicked?

The MUSE0 tokens of ragekicked members will go back into the pool of available governance tokens to be claimed.

Last updated: 8/9/2021, 3:40:30 PM